Vehicle Electrics


Are you in search of a trustworthy car electrician in Birmingham?

It is best recommended that you check the electrical system of your car once in two years to ensure that it is all working correctly so that your vehicle doesnt break down.

When you get your car into Electro Mechanicas workshop, we carry out a wide range of electrical component diagnostics such as abs, airbag, charging, battery, starter, fueling and ignition systems of your car to ensure that the car is running as it should to keep you problem free on the road.

The electrical tests we carry out comprise of the following:

  • Engine management systems
  • Ignition and electric systems of the vehicle
  • ABS systems are tested and the speed sensors, modulators, relays, solenoids and pump assemblies are checked and calibrated properly
  • The SRS systems such as airbags, clock springs, warning lights, crash sensors etc. are checked
  • General electrical parts of the vehicle
  • Central body electrics such as locking systems

Feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking for a diagnosis of the car.

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