Car Servicing



We at Electro Mechanica carry out all types of service and repair of all types of cars. Our service includes the electrics and also engine diagnostics. The safety of vehicle is our top priority and we emphasize on the maintenance of the vehicle to avoid any issues that might surface.

The systems in modern cars are highly complex and in order for them to work properly, it is essential that you service your car regularly. When your car is in a well serviced condition, it will also fetch you a good price comparatively when you plan to sell your car.

Also, when you do not service your car on a periodic basis, it will lead to regular breakdown of the car and the overall life of your car will also decrease. By not servicing your car, you might save yourself some money, but it will eventually cost you more due to the repair of damages caused.

Due to the sophisticated technology used in modern cars, special techniques are required for repairs. Consider the case of fuel injectors. It should work optimally to deliver a smooth throttle response. If it is not serviced periodically, it might result in a decrease of fuel economy. Hence, it is best recommended that you take the car to a reputable and genuine servicing centre such as Electro Mechanica, who will be able to assist you with the maintenance of your car and will eliminate any problems. In the long run, servicing your car will prove to be highly economical.

Listed below are the top 10 reasons why you have to service your car:

  • The engine life and performance stand extended
  • Fuel consumption will reduce
  • Wear and tear of moving parts will be avoided when lubricated properly
  • There will not be any break downs
  • Safety of your vehicle is ensured
  • The damage potential and failure of major automotive components are reduced
  • Road worthiness of the vehicle is checked
  • The condition of tires is also checked to ensure that there is no wear and tear, which might reduce the road grip
  • The risk of accident is reduced as the critical safety systems are checked
  • When the car is serviced periodically and records are maintained, the resale value of the car increases significantly.