Brakes - Replacement and Repair


Brakes form a vital part in the safety of your car and we, at Electro Mechanica know how important brakes are for the smooth and safe operation of your car.

Our workforce comprises of brake specialists too, who are highly experienced and do not leave any stone unturned to ensure that your brakes work smoothly.

As there is progress in the technology being used in braking systems, modern cars make use of different components working together for the braking system to give it an excellent control. Some of the major components of any braking system are the master cylinder, servo, brake calipers, brake fluid and cylinders, disks, drums, shoes and pads.

Brake hoses connect all the components together and the brake fluid present in the brake pipe pushes the brake when you press the brake pedal, so that your vehicle comes to a stop. The rate at which the speed of the car is reduced depends upon the pressure you apply on the pressure you apply on the brake pedal and also on the overall health of your car’s brakes.

Brakes are used more frequently inside the town rather than driving on motorways. However, when you are driving on a motorway, there are high chances that you will have to apply the brake suddenly. Hence, it is highly essential that the brakes in your automobile are efficient and work effectively.

To avoid any risks, it is highly essential that you carry out the checking of your brakes on a regular basis. The problems in braking system can be understood by examining the braking efficiency and hence, we can analyze how effectively the brakes get applied. Due to this, we will be able to assess if it is performing the way it should have and act accordingly. In the event of a sudden failure of brake, the outcome can be dangerous and might cause loss of lives too! It is also a prosecutable offence if you have not maintained an effective braking system for your vehicle. The MOT test of your vehicle will also fail if it does not stop within the intended distance.

The MOT test of your vehicle is usually carried out on a rolling road to assess the braking force that is generated when the brake pedal is pressed. The braking force applied by your vehicle is recorded and compared with the tolerance level as mentioned by your vehicle manufacturer. In the case of imbalance or if the values do not fall within the tolerance level, the MOT test of your vehicle will fail.

Generally, if the annual mileage of your vehicle is anything about 8,000 miles, it is best recommended that you check the braking system once in every six months.

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